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I will not include addresses , just first names , however the writers will recognise the snippets I have used from their testimonials .


ELMORE OIL -  Pain Relief  -  100% Natural & 100% Guarenteed

Bravo to Elmore Oil ..... " Just one application greatly eased my pain . I have tried 4 other products that gave a money back guarentee but none did any good at all . Bravo to Elmore Oil " RODNEY

Knee & Shoulder Pain ...... " Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - YES I am most impressed with the product , the pain in my shoulder and knee is so much more manageable . I had a specialist appointment this morning about an operation on my knee , told him how much better I was feeling , upshot is no operation at present unless my knee flares up again . Can walk without limping again . "  PAMELA

Lower Back Pain ...... " I had just been to the Pain Clinic at our Whangarei Hospital with their offer to take stronger pills - which when I looked up had side effects of suicide - so I didn't take them . I had so much pain in my lower back I didn't know where to put myself for ease ..... I rubbed on the enclosed cloth from the sachets and the pain truely eased , I could hardly believe it . " JANICE

Can't Sleep at Night Because of Pain ..... " I just wanted to let you know how thrilled my parents are with Elmore Oil . My Step Father tells me that he had so much pain that he couldn't sleep at night . Now he rubs the oil on the joints and muscles that cause him trouble and he said not only does he sleep through the night but manages to go half way through the next day before needing another application . He is 87 and she is 83 and it is great to know they are getting noticeable reief . The Roll Ons are really handy , Mum jjust has one in her handbag in case either of them require it . And yes , they had tried lots of different products before this one . " GAY

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Neck Injury ..... " Many thanks for this product . I have been using this as I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has been a life saver at times . My husband hurt his neck and couldn't get any relief so used the Elmore Oil , what a relief he got . Many Thanks . " JOHN & LYNETTE


STOPHAIR  -  Hair Inhibitor  -  10% Natural & 100% Guarenteed

" This product really works and does what it says it does . I have tried that many products that have said they can stop hair growth , but none of them worked , so I just wasted my money . I am now so happy I tried STOPHAIR because at last I have found a product that really works " EMILY



ď I think your shampoo & conditioner must be the best in the world . Iíve discovered the Sandalwood & Orange and itís marvelous !!! Can you please let me know if you have it available in larger containers ?                          PARAPARAUMU ( Female )



ď I would like to thank you and your team for creating such a wonderful 100% Natural SunCare product . I have just returned from an overseas trip and Iím totally delighted to have found perfect SunCare product for my travels and daily life in New Zealand . I traveled extensively in the Middle East , in deserts , mountain ranges , camel trekking and swimming in the Red Sea .  I found I only needed to use your product once in the morning and was protected for the whole day . Even when climbing in the desert and sitting for hours on a camel in 45 degree heat , I never got sunburn . Thank you very much         PUNAKAIKI ( Female )                                 


ď We took your MEGA BURN BARS on our recent expedition to Mt Everest and found them to be a great , easily digestible , form of sustained energy  Oh and they taste great too ! ď                                                        AUCKLAND ( Female )


Co ENZYME Q 10 - Naturally 100% ACTIVE

ď I have a lady using your Co Q 10 , who suffers from ď M.E. ď and when she came to purchase some more of the product she told us that since she has been on it , she has noticed an increase in her energy levels and will continue to take it  ďTAUPO ( Natural Therapy Clinic )


AFTER SUNCARE  -  100% Natural

ď Man you wouldnít believe how much I love that moisturiser ( Rosehip Aloe ) itís the best product Iíve ever used , in any shape or form . I canít get over how good itís been for my skin .  Never in my life has my skin responded so positively to a product . Your soaps are so great , theyíre they only soaps Iíve used , which I feel confident in throwing and spreading all over my body , without fear of drying up my skin . Over the last week , Iíve started to combine the Pure Aloe / Tea Tree first as an astringent , with the Rosehip Aloe following up as the ultimate saviour and the two seem to be combining even better ď  WELLINGTON ( Male )



ď Thank you for making available the books of Andrew Mathews , especially at such reasonable prices . My three teenagers not only agreed to read them , but said they enjoyed them , which is a first . Itís everything I keep wanting to tell them , but of course what do I know ?? It may be wishful thinking but they actually seem to be changing some of their old negative behavioural habits too . Iíd recommend them to anyone with teenagers and they should be available in the schools . ď                                                          HAMILTON ( Female )